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Almari is a black comedy surreal horror JRPG inspired by Yume Nikki, OFF, Mother/EarthBound, Undertale, the Legend of Zelda series, and the Shin Megami Tensei series. It's been in development since 2013.

The game follows Almari, a hollow objecthead who lacks any emotions. He wakes up after a crash landing in an unknown location and is told by a being known as Hama that he must travel through nine worlds created by various human emotions known as the Emotion Worlds and defeat the Emotion Holders of the worlds to gain their emotions for himself. The game focuses on dungeon crawling, puzzle solving, and turn based combat. Experience comfortable yet unsettling surreal visuals and meet strange or completely normal characters. 

Almari is equipped with a writing utensil and various kinds of stationery to write words that will be used as his attacks. However, Almari does not learn these attacks by leveling up, and instead must find them throughout the Emotion Worlds.


  • Over 100 unique enemies.
  • An acceptable amount of boss battles.
  • Touch encounters!
  • Plenty of places to explore, discover, and die.
  • Unhelpful NPCs that are sometimes helpful.
  • Helpful NPCs?
  • TV Channels
  • Original Soundtrack by POST ELVIS with guest tracks by Decon Theed!
  • Character Artwork by Cam Collins!
  • A free experience you can’t waste money on!
  • Stan


  • The first half of the Bravery World
  • Touch encounters
  • 1 Secret Ending
  • 2 bosses, 1 dungeon, and 2 mini dungeons.
  • About ~2.5 hours worth of content.
  • Less than 100 unique enemies.
  • Stan


Main Staff 

DemonClaus – Director, Lead Graphics, Writing, Voice Actor

POST ELVIS – Composer, Concept, Graphics, Testing

Yawhee – Tester 

GhostyToast – Tester, Voice Actress

NoirKonya – Tester, Graphics, Concept 

Punkitt – Graphics


Decon Theed aka Arcade Child  – Composer

Cam Collins - Character Artwork

Special Thanks 

Yung Hermes – Main theme composer, additional enemy design

Incognizant  – Original music composer  (2013-2014)

Cultpool – Additional enemy design/concept


Almari Dev Blog

Almari Dev Twitter

rpgmaker.net page

Community Discord



Almari Demo (2020) v1.1 146 MB

Development log


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i want to beat that goddamn escavator to death

I did it and now I really want the full game

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I was so upset when I finally beat the boss and gave the gold that there was nothing more. I went here to check out what's next and now I'm in the same boat as you. I can't wait for the full game!


Holy moly this game is awesome. I haven't beaten it yet but this game has me hooked already.

The story is strange, (in a good way) I definitely see the Mother/Earthbound and Zelda influences. Exploring the world and running into all kinds of weird stuff definitely gives me Yume Nikki vibes. The music is absolutely amazing and incredibly memorable.

If you love RPG Maker games or any of the previously mentioned games, this is definitely a must play.

I made a video with my commentary and experiences. I only played a bit of it in the video but I hope it inspires people to give the game a download and play through it as well!

Keep up the amazing work!

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Oh wow! Thank you!! It really made my night to see your response and video (I could hear you just fine btw)! It was amazing to see all the left field jokes land and the things that were supposed to be strange leaving you a bit unsettled, it was super reassuring that I'm on the right track.

I hope the rest of the game is just as enjoyable and you have a grand time! And good luck with your channel!

Thanks for the response! I completed this build of the game. (I think? I don't think I found the "ending" though. I got the guy the gold and...yeah :P) Also I'm working on solving that riddle in the temple, hopefully it's solvable in this build!? 

Just wanted to leave some extended thoughts:

The combat is pretty tough! I definitely see the SMT inspiration for it. It's tough but rewarding. Both of the bosses really got me really invested. When that boss battle theme really kicks in, I felt like I was playing the best of SMT Nocturne again.

I'm definitely looking forward to more! Good luck with the rest of development!

It's not the "ending" I put in, but it is technically the end of the main gameplay. The temple is not solvable this build unfortunately, but it will be in the full game!

On the combat, I'm a bit relieved to see I was able to hit the "tough but rewarding" sweet spot, that was the intention and I'm glad the positive note on the balance made it out of just the testing circle.

Also funny you mention Nocturne, that one had the most influence on me of the SMTs lol.

Overall still glad as heck to see you enjoyed it!